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calling all mods

Hi there, my names chris,
i'm currently doing a dissertation on mods and the
conflict of the 1960's with the rockers and police and
the effect those conflicts had on the subculture and
was wondering if you could help me with some research.
If you or any of your members were a mod in the 1960's
and would like to answer a few questions for me to aid
my research then that would be a massive help.
I have attached the questionnaire below


           Chris Shirt

Mod Questionnaire:

1. How old were you and in what year did you become aware of the mod as a recognisable group?

2. What attracted you to the mod culture?

3. How important was the mod look and dedication to clothes in you joining the ‘scene’?

4. Where did you live?

5. Did you form a group/join a group of other mods?

6. What was the publics view towards you and you friends?

7. Did you ever encounter ant victimisation/abuse from authoritative figures (bosses, police etc.)?

8. What was your view of rockers?

9. Did you ever encounter any conflicts with rockers?

10. Did the violence in the mid 1960’s dissuade you from being associated with mods?

11. What effect do you think the media coverage of the mod vs. rocker conflict have on the relations between the two groups?

12. Did the violence/your involvement in the violence (if you were involved) make you feel proud to be a mod?

13. How did you view the authorities efforts to stem the flow of violence (with fines, jail etc.)?

14. After the riots did the conflict between the mods and rockers increase and where run ins with the police more commonplace?

15. Do you think the conflicts attracted a different type of mod (more attracted to violence, trouble etc.)?

16. Do you think the conflicts of the mid 60’s helped or hindered the mod subculture? Explain why

17. Do you think the commercialisation and popularity of the mods after the conflicts had a positive or negative effect on the subculture?

18. Could you describe a typical week in your life as a mod

19. What was your attitude towards working life as a mod?

20. how did you view the original mods/ ‘modernists’ disillusion and disassociation with the new breed of mod after the riots?

21. When and why did you lose interest in the mod culture?

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I can't possibly have a job, as I'm always on here!!

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Re: calling all mods

What is this 21 questions!!? emoticon Sorry mate there's not really any sixties Mods on's mainly people from the Modrevival years from 79 to 80's plus some younger members who think we're old gits! emoticon From reading your questions i would guess you've watched the film 'Quadrophenia'!?..A lot of all that 'violence' was media today it sold papers! emoticon
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I spend quite a lot of time on here!

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Re: calling all mods

There seems to be a lot of people doing dissertations, essays, projects etc on mods. Is there a college course on mods in Blue Bird Happy University or something?

"Work is the curse of the drinking classes" - Oscar Wilde
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