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posticon Are we all old and knackered?

Totally forgot about this forum!

My son's now 14 (Oh, I have a son now emoticon )

Was driving him to a party earlier today and had the CarPlay thingy connected and selected shuffle. "I'll Keep On Holdin' On" (The Action's version) came on and he loved it! (Still can't believe he liked it!)

We were singing our hearts out and *trying* harmonies - he actually downloaded it and added it to his playlist. If this is the only song I get him into, then my job is done! emoticon

It made me think about this forum, reminisce a little and remember all the amazing people we all met in person from here, and the hundreds of people we chatted with online before Facebook, Twitter and online arguments (those were the days, eh?!)

If any of the 'old' folks remember those days, let me know?

If so, reply to this thread or PM me?

(Before we all croak! emoticon )

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I'm a mod, honest!

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Re: Are we all old and knackered?

yep good forum it was.

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