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Registered: 07-2008
Location: Illinois
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posticon Musicians wanted for Mod / Powerpop / Soul / Ska (Chicago)

My ad:

Singer / songwriter / guitarist seeks bassist, drummer, keys, possibly horns-- for Mod / Powerpop / Soul / Ska.

 Influences include but are not limited to: the Jam, Secret Affair, Style Council, Fleur de Lys, The Animals, The Beatles, The Yardbirds, The Specials, The Selecter, The Times, The Lambrettas, Symarip, Laurel Aitken, Tamla / Motown Records, Stax Records, Trojan Records, etc. and much more.

 About me:

 I have over 500 songs in my ASCAP title registry and have won two (2) ASCAPlus songwriters music awards.

 I have been doing music in bands and solo for over 20 years and have booking connections nationwide & some overseas locations in UK, Germany, France and Israel.

 If you are interested please come to my show Feb. 28th @ the Abbey Pub's Green Room (Grace & Kimball/Chicago) to meet & also to see/hear my performance/songs.

 Also please email me at: show contact info ahead of the show.

 ~Natassja Noctis

Natassja Noctis new Music Site:
Natassja Noctis G+:
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