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Registered: 07-2008
Location: Illinois
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Hard Mods Group on facebook


For the best-dressed ruffians.

YES: Scooters, Mod and/or TradSkin Fashion, Soccer/Footie, Beer, Glory Boys, Mod Rock, Powerpop, Traditional Ska, 2 Tone, Classic Reggae, Soul, Sugar Oi!, Twee, Classic Oi!, Street Rock, Sharpie Rock, 1960s & 1970s Heavy Metal, Classic R & B.

ABSOLUTELY NO: Hardcore, Oi-core, 3rd Wave / Ska-core, Anything-core, Death/Doom/Grind/Black or other extreme Metal, Crust, Anarcho-Punk, Sloppy clothing, Hippie, Bigotry, Pornography, Hard Drugs, Other scum.

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