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Registered: 07-2013
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Looking for scooter clubs/scooterists in lanarkshire

Hi, I've got back in to scooters after been away for over 20 years & just bought a GP150 & PX125. I stay in Stonehouse (originally from Sheffield) & was wondering if there are any local scooter clubs or scooterists in this area. It would be good to meet up with like minded people & maybe get a bit of advice/help if needed as there is a lot I've forgotten over the years. As all my old scooter & Mod pals are back in Sheff, it would be good to find any other old school scooterists/mods (i'm 43) to chat about scooters. Non scooterists/Mods can't understand our love of the bikes, the music & whole scooter scene that goes with it. getting sick of people asking what I'm doing with the "Mopeds" Arrrr & just want to talk with normal people who share the interest. Hope i'm not the only sad old git in the area who has come back to scooters or is still interested in or owns scooters. I remember a few years back seeing scooters at the Owl pub (before it was demolished) near Fernieger, was that a scooter club & does it still exist & meet up. If there is anyone in this area get in touch as it will be good to hear from anyone who enjoys scooters. Cheers & hope I'm not an endangered species in Lanarkshire, John emoticon
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