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Registered: 04-2013
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Help please anyone?

Evening folks,

I am a uni student and was wondering if anyone could help me please?

I am writing an exam piece about how transport shaped the seaside (who could go there etc etc) and there is a piece in my text book about mods and rockers..although I was a 'mod' (me and my mates were just kids and about 20 years too late from the imfamous brighton day trip, but we meant well emoticon ) obviously it all happened before I was born, so I wondered if anyone could tell me the actual reason this took place at the seaside? Was it just as simple as the seaside is where most go on bank holiday, or was there specific reasons?

I really hope you don't mind me asking, I was researching and came across your site and wanted to get facts correct from those who know rather than picking any old site. I will of course reference this site.

If you cannot help that is absolutely fine, but thought i'd ask anyway, many thanks
Ashleigh =)
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