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Registered: 01-2013
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The Capers! Great 60's/mod/Brit-pop band from Londinium

Ello everyone! We are called The Capers and we are a 60's/Brit-pop/indie/mod band if you like currently gigging around London. Trying hard to get into new ears and brains which is so hard to do nowadays.
Please take some time to try and check us out, fingers crossed you won't be disappointed!!
We are on most formats of the interweb if you search us.
Or find our album on iTunes 'While Crooks Pull Capers'
It is also streaming on spotify and we are on Facebook and twitter also!
Thank you for taking time to read this message. Know it's a bit long winded but promotion is hard to do!
The Capers!!
12/Jan/13, 8:35 pm Link to this post Send Email to The Capers   Send PM to The Capers Blog

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