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Registered: 09-2012
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Hello From! Free Scooter Classifieds in the UK


I've been a scooter enthusiast for quite a few years, I've owned various scooters such as a 1962 Vespa 152L2, a Vespa Sportique, a few Px125's, Pk's a Piaggio Ape, a 50 special, and the list continues. I've never been lucky (or rich enough) to own a Lambretta! Not yet anyway.... So any going cheap, let me know!

I've recently been trying to sell my scooter on eBay to be met by a lot of timewasters and dreamers, which im sure anyone who has tried to sell anything on eBay has had the same response. Therefore, i have started my own Free UK based Scooter Classifieds site.

The site is called ModStop and can be found at Modstop also has a Facebook fan page which can be found at If you're a fan give us a thumbs up! With over 600 likes in the past month we have a fast growing following. Plus all scooters listed are posted to our Facebook page to increase visibility. We also 'Tweet' Ads to Twitter which can be seen at

We offer completely free listings, with up to 5 pictures and an unlimited description, contact is made through an online form (No e-mail addresses shared, keep the spammers away). We're averaging around 300 Page views/day, so we're worth a go!

We're currently offering free stickers to the next 100 adverts listed, we've currently given over 40 away and had some positive feedback.

Please have a look at the site, any feedback in welcome. We're looking to add a blog and an events page in the near future, so any information on events would be greatly appreciated.
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