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I need to post more on here!!

Registered: 11-2011
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Marketing the Mod Look in 2012

A real irony that these days the mod look - albeit in diluted form is a lot more visible but mods themselves are not.

Witness the company Jack London - I think they are only in Australia now. They have a lot of thin lapel suits that they call names like "Mod" and "Ska" but quite a few are one button! Uggghhhh.... that just aint cricket in my book! Jack London

A lot of young guys wear their stuff but with the trousers very high and very tight - more a preppy "please kick sand in my face kind of look".

Meanwhile a lot of international students I see in Melbourne (Australia) wear Fred Perry (guys) and Doc Martens (mainly women) with probably no idea of their sub cultural origins. Weird the way the world turns.

When mod was something happening down here it was very hard to get good clobber - thankfully I went to the trusty charity shops - but gee these are getting expensive now too!

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Re: Marketing the Mod Look in 2012

Personally I think the one button suit needs to die a quick death, it's not really practical and looks wrong.
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