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I need to post more on here!!

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Skinhead reggae

I realise it may not be every mod's cup of tea but I love skinhead reggae. I have the Trojan 3CD set but not sure where to go to from there - any suggestions? Also recommend to anyone interested Tighten up!: The History of Reggae in the UK by Michael de Koningh & Marc Griffiths.
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Re: Skinhead reggae

Aside from Trojan...
Top labels for Skinhead Reggae and ska and rocksteady were:
Pama, Attack, and Coxsone Dodd's label Studio One.
Artists that define the era and genre for me are:
Toots and the Maytals
Hot Rod AllStars
Symarip / The Pyramids
John Holt and The Paragons
Dandy Livingstone aka Dandy
King Horror
King Stitt
Max Romeo and the Upsetters
Jimmy Cliff
Count Machuki
Judge Dread
Dave and Ansel Collins
The Ethiopians / Leonard Dillon

so many more I cant think of right now.......

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Natassja Noctis new Music Site:
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