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posticon Strawberry Fields: Psychedelia, Shoegaze & Heavy Drones

Big Bird Music is back once again with it’s monthly dose of Psychedelia. ‘Strawberry Fields: An Evening of Contemporary Noise’ returns to The George Tavern, 373 Commercial Road. E1 0LA on Friday 1st April 2011.

DJ’s Magnetic Paul and Zapa will be spinning the best in 60’s Classics along with a concoctive mix of Garage, Freak Beat and Psych and a host of Live Acts influenced by the cosmic worlds of, Drone-Rock, Space-Rock, Psychedelia. We’ll also throw in some Shoegaze and Dream Pop for good measure.

This month we welcome:

The Enters

Make way for The Enters, a band who could single-handedly justify the shoegaze revival. The London trio only formed last year, but already boast a collection of brilliant fuzz-pop anthems and a support slot with psychedelic heavyweights The Telescopes. ‘Hometown Superstar’, destined to grace many a lovelorn indie mixtape in the years to come, combines the grace of Slowdive with the youthful exuberance of Ride, all the while flexing their more than ample pop muscle. Dismiss them as wallflowers at your peril though: ‘I Follow You’ is a pure punk blast that couldn’t sound any more vital if it sprinted to Shoreditch and kicked every art-school Kevin Shields imitator in the crotch. Ones to watch.

Sunlight Service Group

Like Phil Mitchell in a K-hole, Sunlight Service Group have been whipping up a dizzying racket around East London this year to spectacular effect. The band arrive at your frontal lobe from a Faust concert somewhere in 1973, ducking and weaving effortlessly between twisted, bass-heavy drone rock (‘The Spaceagers at Sea’) and woozier psychedelic strumming (‘Planet Gold’), all the while managing to sound totally fresh and unique in 2011. It is this vibrancy, alongside their ability to marry sweet guitar melodies to the scuzzy riffs that underpin them, which makes Sunlight Service Group something very special indeed.

Thee Piaticions

All the way from Domodossola, Italy comes Thee Piatcions, a band whose addictive blend of 1960s garage rock and ‘80s noise pop has been seducing crowds across Europe. The four-piece craft intelligent rock with an understated cool, placing them firmly in the company of John Cale-era Velvet Underground and psychedelic pioneers the 13th Floor Elevators. New single ‘Time’ sounds like an instant classic, laden with hypnotic guitar lines and the kind of hooks that stay with you long after the first listen. These boys are all set to show the UK what Italy and France already know: Thee Piatcions are here to stay, and they mean business.

Daylight Frequencies

Daylight Frequencies compare themselves to ‘Hitchcock or Lynch,’ their sound beckoning to the listener, ‘sucking them in ever closer with tales of murder, hellish visions, love and loss, and the bittersweet luxury of insanity.’ Blimey. It’s only when you listen to the songs that you understand what they mean: every note drips with the fury of a young band giving it their all, guitars alternating between washes of reverb and distorted powerchords; vocals at once world-weary and fearsome; all summoned to terrifying, exhilarating effect. Daylight Frequencies really are out to get you. And if you’re lucky enough to catch them live, they will.

Doors open at 8pm and close at 3am - Free before 8.00 - £5 entry (£4 with Flyer, NUS, Facebook Invitiation). Make sure to drop us an email if you need a flyer to gain entry for a reduced price!


Look forward to seeing you all there!

Please contact us:
[email protected]
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