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I can't possibly have a job, as I'm always on here!!

Registered: 03-2004
Location: Capital of the World !!
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Re: I know this makes me sound like a right twat but...


trACEy wrote:


Jeffthefish wrote:

When I figure out how to do it I'll try and find a selection and maybe we can vote? (Won't be for a few days though)....

...or maybe we could all find some? I know some folks on here are much more smileyed up than I am...

Karen always seems to have a lot of different ones!

I got them from a really good smiley site and saved them all to my photobucket thing so I just go there and get the codes when I need...

K //(*_*)\\

'She'll be top draw on the backstage floor, till the new band arrives' - The Rifles

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