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Re: Leeds 1969

I think the Adrian I remember is the same one as he was knicknamed Big Adrian. I remember him getting a new Vespa SS180 in white (I think) and doing a wheelie up Briggate in Leeds opposite the Mecca Arcade.
Problem was that he came down heavy and smashed the front suspension.
I had a Lambretta SX200 white and blue fully kitted with mirrors, big bore exhaust, Florida rear crash bars and footrests, front crash bars etc.
We all used to meet up at Corn Exchange near the Guinness clock and often hang around in the El Toro and Green room coffee bars.
We'd sometimes ride to Sarah's flat up Roundhay road.
Does anyone remember any of the above or the rideouts to Scarborough and Bridlington, sleeping in the open at Scalby Mills or Dane's Dyke Flamborough?
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