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Secret Affair sell out?

Heard a rumor round the modernist blogosphere that Messrs Cairns have hit hard times and considering licensing their tunes. First up is their mod anthem that they are apparently trying to flog to a chain of weight loss centers. If this works they may work on some others. If it doesn't they are considering updating their sound to a more grime feel and changing their name to "Open Marriage".

Modified lyrics below:

Standing in the shadows,
Where the large crowd meet
We're all dressed up for aerobics
We hate the junk food elite
So take me to your feeder
Because its time you realised...


That this is the time
This is the time for action (time for action)
This is the time to be seen (time to be lean)
This is the time for action
Time to be lean

They can laugh in our face
Cos we know we're right
Losing weight’s the answer
And living by lite
So take me to your feeder
Because its time you realised...


Look at Sweet Julia
Eating with no weight loss gain
They're laughing at the way she dresses
Too smart and lean
But she don't care
because she know's she's lite
And you know we're only two kilos away
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