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Re: Bootlaces

The colour your laces meant fckall. You bought ya boots with black laces. If you wanted to look smart you changed the laces. The cheapest option was white! Football boot laces! If you had the time n could be bothered you put another colour lace in your boots. Me I used flat yellow laces and even went as far as ironing them. I used yellow cos they matched the stitching on the soles. I wore 10 hole cherry red docs yellow laces and 14 hole black para boots the black boots had white laces with 501's with a 1/2 turn up. Addidas t shirts and Fred perry polo shirts. The braces only now and then. I owned a combie n harringtons. After several years in the 70's on the terraces "come on Boro" I got my first scooter n became the first scooter boy in the area. Lace colour means fckall
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